This website contains an editoral column. This website does not accuse Greg Van Zant of being anything other than a terrible baseball coach. This website does not claim that Greg Van Zant received NCAA Violations for religious discrimination -- however, this website does claim that Mr. Van Zant should have received punishment for refusing to give players meal money because they went to church. The incident happened and Mr. Van Zant should have been punished.

Attempts by Mr. Van Zant and/or his lawyers have been made to shut down this website, on no firm grounds. Certainly, this website is as legal as others like it:
Further, this website is not DEFAMATORY, as no false claims have been made. (As stated before, the only claim made by this website is that Greg Van Zant is a terrible coach.) And finally, you can contact if you have comments about this website. That email address IS NOT GREG VAN ZANT and has never claimed to be.