Welcome to gvz-sucks.com, the primary internet resource for following Greg Van Zant, the worst coach in Division-I baseball.

Don't let this happen to you: Anon2012Player says,

"When I was recruited to WVU, I saw your website but I didn't listen. I really wish I had."

Latest news (yes, even after GVZ has been gone):

    • Recent submission (Jan 2015): "When you read about good and great coaches, it's always mentioned how they never insult or embarrass their players in public. Greg was the opposite of that. He always went out of his way to shove his arrogance and ego down the kids' throats. All along, he was the embarrassment."
    • Many have asked, some have answered: Greg is apparently a junior college umpire now. (via photos from Twitter)
    • An email from "1996 Player" says "[Greg] managed to take 14 years of me loving a sport and destroy it in a matter of months...something I still haven't recovered from as I barely follow the sport anymore."
    • WVU beats Oklahoma (#10 ranked) two of three games, May 5. In response, twitter fans still talking about Greg: Worst Coach Ever and Suggested DA Headline.
    • A recent parody post was added on Twitter. (April 1, 2013) Obviously, people still hate Greg.

2012 and prior:

In a nutshell:

  • If you have a choice to play for any other coach, play for any other coach.
  • Looking for WVU Baseball in the top 25 rankings? You won't find them there. Looking for an NCAA appearance? Only in GVZ's first year as coach. His RPI is consistently around 100. Don't let his 30-win seasons against a cupcake schedule fool you. Only two quality wins in the past two years.
  • Check out the reader contributions page, where comments have been rolling in for years. This website is not a fluke, nor is GVZ's career, his attitude toward baseball strategy, or his attitude toward his players. He has been hated for a long, long time.